Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturn As You Have Never Seen It Before!

On July 19, 2013, NASA's Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn's shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings -- and, in the background, our home planet, Earth.

And here is the result:

Cassini was positioned to capture the images of Saturn with the sun largely blocked behind Saturn’s circumference, providing near-perfect back lighting. The space craft’s wide-angle cameras captured 323 images in blue, green and red spectral filters. By combining together these images, the imaging team was able to create the most accurate representation of Saturn and its seven moons. All in all, the images capture 404,880 miles of space.

Check out the article 'The Day The Earth Smiled', hosted on the site for the Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations (CICLOPS), for more details of this spectacular event and also view the original picture… all 9000 x 3500 pixels of it!



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