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What Is The Future Of Earth In 10 Quintillion Years? [Video]

What’s the future of Earth, our beloved planet and the human race? Scientists and researchers have made predictions of the events for the next 1,000, 1,000,000 and up to 10 Quintillion years into the future!

The folks at Dark Nook have compiled a video showing just that. So let’s go through this journey together! 

Here’s the Breakdown

One thousand years from now:

Due to rapid evolution of languages, no single present day word will have survived. Gamma Cephei replaces Polars so we will have a new North Star.

Two thousand years from now:

Ice sheet completely melted with extreme global warming +8C. Greenland ice melted. Sea levels 6 meters higher.

Did you know that 5125 year is the end of the Mayan calendar and, according to Mayan, a doomsday (again). If we survive 5125 than in 20 000 years Chernobyl will finally be safe.

50 000 years from now:

Niagara Falls disappears, The remaining 32 km to Lake Erie erodes away and the waterfall ceases to exist. Greenland Ice Melted. Completely melted with moderate global warming +2C.

100 000 years from now:

The titanium in your MacBook starts to corrode. Either a super volcano or a large climate-altering asteroid likely to have affected the Earth. The stars in the heavens look completely different due to Earth’s movement through the galaxy.

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In 500 000 years:

The spent fuel in today’s reactors will finally be safe and there will be new global freeze.

In 1 000 000 years:

All glass created to date will have finally degraded. Massive stone structures like Giza or sculptures at Mount Rushmore may still exist. Everything else gone.

Some have proposed that in 5 000 000 the Y chromosome could die out – making men impossible.

50 000 000 years from now:

Africa has collided with Eurasia, sealing off the Mediterranean Basin and create a mountain range similar to the Himalayas. Antarctica ice migrates north and melts, raising sea levels by 75 m. Don’t worry the entire galaxy could be colonized by that time.

Not looking good , is it..

In 60 000 000 years:

The Earth’s orbit will become unpredictable.

In 250 000 000 years:

The continents will start moving and create a new supercontinent.

800 000 000 years from now: C4 photosynthesis no longer possible and as a result multicellular life dies.

Future Of Earth

2 000 000 000 years from now: Earth core freezes and the planet stops the rotation – no rotation – no magnetic fields – no protection from the Sun. Future Of Earth looks bleak. Surface temperature hits 147C. All life dies.

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In 7 000 000 000 years:

The Sun will hit max radius – 256 times current size. Mercury, Venus and maybe Earth will be destroyed then the Sun becomes a carbon-oxygen white dwarf with about 50 percent its present mass.

20 000 000 000 years from now:

One potential end of the universe. All matter is torn apart by the expansion of the universe. All distances become infinite.

100 000 000 000 000 years from now:

All the stars will have died. The only objects left are remnants like White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Black Holes.

And finally in 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 years:

If not consumed by its own Sun, the Earth’s orbit will have finally decayed and it will plunge back into the Sun. And that’s all there is to the future of Earth and the Universe.

So what do you think of this video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks again to Dark Nook for this awesome video! Be sure to subscribe to our website for more awesome posts like this.

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